Polyp Laundry Basket

Polyp is a laundry-basket - and an ornament on the wall.

Team & Collaboration

Product Design

Bauhaus University Weimar


Just put the laundry through the hole in front of the basket. If it wells forth, the basket is full - the quantity required to fill it is the same as one load of the washing machine. The hole of the laundry basket is concave, so nothing cn fall out when the basket is taken off the wall. The basket can be carried easily, due to its form. The laundry is easily sorted into a few baskets. Attached to each other the baskets compose an interesting ornament on the wall.

Polyp featured in Designboom


2010 Blickfang, winner of the student award, Vienna/Austria
2010 Designprice „best product“, Blickfang Vienna/Austria



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