Edu Locker

The project EDU explored the problems and needs of students, teachers and schools in fieldstudies to find simple solutions. The main context of the project is to improve the integration of new media in schools, to further the communication and to optimize inside processes.

Team & Collaboration

Product Design

Bauhaus University Weimar


The project is based on a 5 month long observation, research and field-studies on and with different schools and institutions and people. The project was built on theoretical research followed by a passive observation of the architecture and interior.

Subsequent discussions with teachers, principals, parents, education authorities of Austria and specialists, we helped to build a workshop for and with school children to figure out the needs and problems of schools in our days.

The workshop was inspired by the „Design Thinking for Educators’ Toolkit“ and found place at 4 different schools with children from 6 to 15 years.
In these workshops the children had to organize themselves, the workshop structure lead the activity only in the background.
During the workshop, the class had to explore, define, discuss, invent, draw, build and present their thoughts on what their perfect school could look like.

As a result EDU got developed.

EDU is affordable and adapts to the individual needs of every school. The perforated panel enables a safe and simple mounting. The holes give the possibility to arrange the boxes for pesonal need. EDU is industry-orientated, long-lasting and pratical.The standardized and stackable boxes measure 400 x 300 mm and offer a private space for to every child. The boxes have ergonomic handles and are easy to pull out to bring them into class. Every school can create its own perfect lockers with customized colours and its perfect size of boxes. The powder-coated boxes are available in different heights and also in all established RAL-colours. EDU is easy to mount on the wall and because of its slim panel easy to adapt in class rooms and also corridors. To further communication and exchange in schools the EDU system operates also as mailbox to foster independent acting and it offers a contact point. Additionally every locker has a single socket to load and lock phones and other media.


2015 German Design Award „Special Mention“ for EDU locker, category office
2013 Austrian State Prize for Design „design concepts“ 2nd price



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