Dishwasher Colo

Colo is a dishwashing concept, whose handling is closely aligned to user-needs and the kitchen as a room of social life.

Team & Collaboration

Product Design

Bauhaus University Weimar


Helene Steiner

Peter Schwartz

Anna Schulz-Pitsch

Colo consists of trays that are used as storage rack, for carrying and as main component of the dishwasher. For cleaning just put the tray in the sink and lower the cover. After washing, simply place the tray with the clean dishes on the wall again.

The Colo-concept breaks with the hand- ling-habits of an old-fashioned dishwasher. It‘s a reduction of the machine to its essentials, orientated on user-needs.

Colo merges the dishwasher with the sink. At this, handling-complexity is also reduced to a minimum based on field-studies about the habits of the users.

in cooperation with Peter Schwartz and Anna Schulz-Pitsch

Colo featured in DEZEEN


2009 Top 10 DMY Jury Selection, Berlin/Germany
2009 Blickfang, winner of the student award, Vienna/Austria



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